ESPA 2014–2020
In The Zone

Logo Design, Brand Identity

Project Description

“In The Zone” is a new gym in Sindos, Thessaloniki combining Calisthenics and CrossFit disciplines. The brand name derives from the phrase “get in the zone” which, in sports, describes the phase when the athlete manages to focus on the goal without being influenced by psychological factors such as stress and fear. The three key points of the gym’s philosophy are dynamism, focusing on the goal, and holism.

The logo focuses on the letter “Z” which is formed by two arrows in the center of a circular zone made by the letters of the title. Dynamism (arrows), focus (center of the circle), and holistic approach (circle) are inventively combined into one consistent composition, referring to all three key points of the gym’s philosophy.

Photos: Nicole De Khors, Carlos Magno, Jesper Aggergaard, Anastasia Hisel.

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