ESPA 2014–2020
Anniversary editions for GSEVEE

Editorial Design

Project Description

The Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants (GSEVEE), founded in 1919, constitutes one of the older and most established trade unions of Greece. GSEVEE is active in promoting and consolidating the professional, economical, cultural and broadly social, interests of small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs). 

Oxhouse Design Studio was commissioned by GSEVEE to design two books celebrating its 100th anniversary:
1. “GSEVEE in the 20th Century” by Kostas Katsoudas
2. 100 years of GSEVEE” by Nikos Potamianos

EBGE 2020 (Merit)

Design: Christos Tsoleridis (Oxhouse Design Studio)
Printing & Book Binding: Lyhnia SA
Proofreading: Panos Dimakis (GSEVEE in the 20th C.), Anastasia Sakellariou (100 years of GSEVEE)
Selection of photos and documents (GSEVEE in the 20th C.): Dimitris Baharas
Editorial team: Anastasia Avlonitou, Juliana Kontini, Paraskevas Lindgeris, Giannis Misentzis
Special thanks to: G. Triantafyllakos and Nikos Ch. for their support and help.
Photos of presentation: Giorgos Ikonomou

Book 1: GSEVEE in the 20th Century
Book 1: GSEVEE in the 20th Century
Book 2: 100 years of GSEVEE
Book 2: 100 years of GSEVEE

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