ESPA 2014–2020
Calendar "Fysixe Vardaris" 2024

Editorial Design

Project Description

The second “Fysixe Vardaris” calendar designed by Oxhouse Design Studio for the “Neighbourhood Group of Vardari’. The calendar hosts artworks by Sotos Zachariadis and Lefki Christidou and includes a musical collection of original performances by famous Greek musicians. For this year's edition, handwritten titles were designed in collaboration with the calligrapher Elena Karali.

Editor: Thomas Korovinis
Coordinator: Anastasia Chamalidou
Artworks: Sotos Zachariadis, Lefki Christidou
Musicians: Periklis Vrachnos, Thanasis Gaiphyllias, Kaisaras Kikis, Albena Koutova, Yiannis Mitsis, Thomas Petrou, Dimitris Mystakidis, Dimitris Nikoloudis, George Christianakis, George Christodoulou, Yiannis Tsiatsos, The Speakeasies Swing Band, Fleas in Hay
Design: Christos Tsoleridis (Oxhouse Design Studio)
Handwritten titles: Elena Karali
Print: iWrite Publications
Fonts: George Triantafyllakos (Atypical Type Foundry)

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