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Calendar "Fysixe Vardaris" 2023

Editorial Design

Project Description

The “Neighbourhood Group of Vardari” of the Self-Help Promotion Program (SPP) supports the promotion of the neighbourhood of Vardari, Thessaloniki through activities, collaborations and interventions. The aim of SPP is to help people with addiction problems and their families.

In order to support its activities, the Group publishes each year a calendar agenda by the title "Fysixe Vardaris". The 2023 edition, designed by Oxhouse Design Studio, is themed “Songs of Vardari” with texts by famous writers from Thessaloniki about the neighbourhood of Vardari.

The publication includes works by three visual artists and a music collection of original performances by influential Greek musicians.

Editor: Thomas Korovinis
Coordinator: Anastasia Chamalidou
Texts: Thomas Korovinis, Evi Koutroumbaki, Christos Zafeiris, George Tsitiridis
Artworks: Giorgos Kevrekidis, Katerina Stoikou, Achilleas Mesaikos
Musicians: Yiannis Angelakas, George Kazantzis, Costas Makrygiannakis, Argyris Bakirtzis, Babis Papadopoulos, Pavlos Pavlidis, Fotis Siotas, Pringipessa, Roubayat, Stringless, Despina Paiula, PPA Music Group
Design: Christos Tsoleridis (Oxhouse Design Studio)
Print: iWrite Publications
Fonts: George Triantafyllakos (Atypical Type Foundry)
Photos: Simos Saltiel

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