ESPA 2014–2020
Green Foreign Policy Snapshots

Editorial Design

Project Description

“Green Foreign Policy Snapshots” is a study published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, analysing foreign policy positions of green parties from around the world through the lens of political science and international relations theory. The texts are accompanied by illustrations that visualize the conclusions of the study.

Publication Responsible: Michalis Goudis
Report Author: Evangelos Astyrakakis-Aslanis
Academic Responsible: Ioannis Konstantinidis
Research Team: Panagiotis Moumtsakis, Konstantinos Saravakos, Ioannis Filios
Proofreading: Chris Meikle
Design & Illustrations: Christos Tsoleridis (Oxhouse Design Studio)
Printing: Pressious Arvanitidis

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